Who knew that KFC stood for Kolonel Fixes Cities? Or that PETA was an acronym for Patching Egregiously Tortured Asphalt? Now that the flap over KFC’s offer to patch Petaluma’s proliferating pot holes has fizzled out, I wonder what the marketing brains behind that scheme had hoped to gain by having the KFC logo stenciled – albeit temporarily – on our asphalt. Maybe they decided it was time to take their message “to the streets.” In any case, I seriously doubt that a mere $3000 would make a significant difference in Petaluma’s pocked promenades. Or even $6,000 for that matter. I say embrace the pot holes and instead of paying out money, let’s make some! We’ll host an urban version of the brutal Baja 1000 off road race. We can call our event The Petaluma Punishing 100 – 100 grueling laps through the city’s streets will make strong men cry for their mommas and convert the sturdiest vehicles into worthless scrap. World’s Ugliest Dog…step aside for the World’s Ugliest Roads!�1/2

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