I’ve been a trustee of a local school for quite some time and I can tell you that these are especially tough times for Sonoma County schools. Even before last fall’s financial meltdown, we the school was used to annual belt-tightening as the State regularly raided school funds to cover up this or that misadventure. The elected boneheads in Sacramento love to curry favor with this or that special interest group by creating sweetheart programs. Of course, they neglect to adequately fund these programs lest word reach their electorate of the actual cost of their largess. As a result, almost all the benefits programs in California are woefully underfunded so annual tax revenues that should go to roads, schools, etc. are routinely shifted to cover up the latest crisis. And this is in good years. Well, now we’re in the “seven lean years” and the fiscal chickens are coming home to roost. Look for class-size-reduction to be eliminated. The next thing to go will be teachers. It’s probably unfair to blame the boneheads for behaving as boneheads. After all, we elected them.

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