So I propose that we rechristen the city “Victorian Petaluma” and ban all evidence of scientific or commercial progress. In our historically-accurate recreation of the past women will no longer vote, people of color will be relegated to second-class roles, 40% of new-borns won’t live to see their first year, plumbing will be affordable only to the wealthy and thanks to equine-powered transportation out streets will be ankle deep in filth. Ah, but look on the good side. All our homes will be authentically Victorian as will our (gas) street lamps and minimal sewers. People, at least those who don’t own horses, will get lots of exercise because they will walk or bicycle to the stores to buy goods that shipped by rail from points east. Grocers will sell organically grown food – in those days their was no other way – in open barrels. People would shop everyday in order to have fresh food. Power poles won’t blight the sky because this is no electricity, which would mean no refrigeration, washing machines, or vacuum cleaners. No natural gas either, so stoves would burn wood or coal. There would be few magazines and no movies, radio, television or Internet so the daily newspaper will be anxiously anticipated. However, the cost of printing would put books out of reach of poorer folks, who would left with “Penny Dreadfuls” or the Sears & Roebuck Catalog for their diversion. Victorian Petaluma would certainly warm the hearts of all who yearn for the City’s golden age.