Like a lot of us today, Miss Petaluma has hit some financial hard times. Which means, as we all do, she has to focus on her priorities and perhaps let go of some of her fantasies, foibles and outright foolishness. In the “fantasy” column I would put the idea that we can fund French light poles and an effective police department. In the “foibles” column I would put the idea that big box stories kill local merchants. Well they do…but only if the local stores are poorly run or don’t sell stuff that people want. On the other hand, beloved retailers such as Copperfields and Rex Hardware offer attention, service and goods that you won’t find in any chain or “big box” store. And finally, in the “outright foolish” column, we have to stop entertaining idiocy like the Sewer Rate Rollback. Really, folks, when it comes to municipal financial realities, wishing don’t make it so…even if you put it on the ballot.