So it seems that birds are more popular in some branches of Miss Petaluma’s extended family than cats…such that Shollenberger Park has become a bird sanctuary in the minds of many avian afficianados.Woe then to the resident “colonies” of feral cats who view the bird population as source of food. Much as deer lovers want to extinguish venison-loving mountain lions, some local bird lovers want to eradicate the kitties. Personally, I think when it comes to nature, taking sides is risky. Kill off all the cougars, and the deer population grows to the point where it exhausts the local foliage and threatens your prize roses. Yah, (I can hear the mutters) “…but birds are beautiful and feral cats are just over-bred scavengers.” In point of fact, they’re both creatures of God and I suspect equal in His eyes. Furthermore, nature always a way to achieve balance – without the help of folks who champion one part of the food chain over another. I mean, what about the worms and bugs that the birds eat? Who’s looking out for them?