The New Year kicked off with rain – but no serious flooding so far. Hooray! Hopefully 2008 will continue to smile on Miss Petaluma as she scours the singles ads for a new “beau” (City Manager), struggles to keep her rowdy pack of nieces and nephews (the City County) from wrecking the house, continues sprucing up her front yard (Downtown) and patches those pesky holes in her driveway (city streets).
On the national front, Hillary got demoted from a shoo-in to a “possible” in Iowa which is a mixed blessing for a cartoonist. She would provide years of fodder for lampooning. If Obama gets elected he’ll be protected by the “all-criticism-is-racially-motivated” shield – at least until he demonstrates whether he’s Andrew Young or David Dinkins. On the Republican side, Mike Huckabee is surfing the populist wave. Again, we’ll see what sort of populist he morphs into: Ronald Reagan or Huey Long. As a cartoonist, I was rooting for Fred Thompson because he’s a lot easier to caricature.