Petanque is a nice quiet game For a town whose citizens pride themselves on being “progressive,” there sure is a lot of outrage at anything new. Witness the uproar around Oak Hill at the proposed Petanque courts. In the off chance you haven’t been boning up on obscure French diversions, Petanque (or Boules) is a game much like the Italian Bocce…you stand at one end of a long, rectangular, sand filled box and half toss/half roll a ball towards a target ball the opposite end. It’s kind of like bowling without the pins, beer and loud shirts. In any case, when word got out that a Petanque court was in the works for Oak Hill Park, the local chapter of PHOOIE (Petalumans Hysterically Outraged Over Innocuous Events) mustered the usual suspects and loudly complained to everyone within earshot that members of the public had the audacity to want to use of a small part of a public park. What’s the world coming to?