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Miss Petaluma Re-Landscapes Her Yard

If you ask the State, who measures the water in Menocino's Lake Pillsbury to determine Sonoma County's water resources, everything is just peachy. But if you go to Lake Mendocino - where our water actually comes from - we're still in trouble. Why the discrepancy? Chalk it up to outdated [...]

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Miss Petaluma Prays for Pork

The much touted Stimulus Plan is fast becoming the largest Pork roll since FDR's WPA dotted the country with new bridges, parks and post offices. Though the WPA employed nearly 8 million workers between 1935 and 1943, the program did little positive effect on the national unemployment levels which hovered [...]

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The Tool from Plains

Jimmy Carter is at it again, hectoring the Israeli's about their faults while blithely condoning the outrageous behavior of Israel's bellicose neighbors - especially the Palestinians. Carter is living proof that Nobel Prize for Peace is as accurate an indication of merit as is an Academy Award for Best Director, [...]

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Seeing Red

As the recent stabbing over gang-related colors shows, Petaluma is no longer the oasis of rational peace in a sea of chaos that many wish it were. As the recession-driven cuts in public safety services hit our city, wanton, irrational acts of violence may well get increase. Whatever happens, it's [...]

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School Cutbacks

I've been a trustee of a local school for quite some time and I can tell you that these are especially tough times for Sonoma County schools. Even before last fall's financial meltdown, we the school was used to annual belt-tightening as the State regularly raided school funds to cover [...]

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Genuine Congressional Bipartisanship

At last - something the Democrats and Replications wholeheartedly agree upon. Your tax dollars are at work supporting every green initiative, hometown entitlement and special project that our erstwhile politicians can stuff into the already engorged Stimulus Package. I'm surprised that Washington DC isn't paralyze with a massive case of [...]

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Teen Driving Tragedy

It's every parent's nightmare...that your child goes out with friends and doesn't come home. With a 20-year-old son, a 16-year old daughter who will get her driver's license this month, and a 12-year-old counting the days until she's mobile this is a fear that Colleen and I live with every [...]

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Jackass Whisperer

I find it ironic that many who didn't vote for Mr.Obama, now that he's elected wish him Godspeed and every blessing, while many of those who championed him into the White House are now vilifying him for daring to serve all of his fellow Americans - and not just partisan [...]

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Petaluma Valley Hospital Crisis

Sometimes I think that our health care system is sicker than the folks it aims to treat. Managing a medical practice, hospital or HMO has got to be one of the most challenging and thankless tasks I can imagine. The brave people who take on the challenge are faced with [...]

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Measure K Encore

Mark Twain famously said, "Whiskey's for drinking, water's for fighting about." It seems that the backers of last year's Measure K water rate rollback like fighting so much that they refuse to back down even when 56% of the voters rejected their cockamamie plan. I'm all for standing up for [...]

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