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The Cocks Are Crowing: Someone Must Be Trying to Build Something.

In Petaluma, when it concerns the dreaded "D" word, aka Development, everybody has a hidden agenda. The louder some scream about the "public good" to more you can be assured that person is seeking some private benefit.

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The Angina Monologue: Looking Forward to Feeling Better

  Everyone I talk to tells me that I'm going to feel much better after this Friday's open heart surgery. Some say they didn't realize how tired they had been until after their pump was re-plumbed. I can't wait.

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The Angina Monologue: uncharted territory

Had my pre-operative exam, which included all the usual stuff plus...graffiti! Actually, vein-mapping so the surgeon can find the best local source for replacement plumbing.  

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The Angina Monologue: the pressure rises

Your blood pressure is quite literally a barometer of cardiovascular health. For far too long, I was ignoring the approaching storm clouds.

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Angina Monologue: they’re gonna be even more changes made

With cardiac bypass surgery scheduled for mid-April, I increased (or decreased as the case may be) my "lifestyle changes," which (as you probably know when it comes to food) translates to identifying everything that tastes good and avoid it at all costs. In all fairness, when I assessed the list [...]

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The Angina Monologue: failing the test

Headed into the stress test figuring, "how hard can this be?" Turns out that it's pretty hard when the choke on your pump is full on. For those of you who don't remember when cars had chokes - it was a lever on the dashboard that you pulled to starve [...]

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The Angina Monologue: emerging from de Nile.

High cholesterol - no problem. Take a statin. Despite regular strenuous exercise, can't run more than 30 yards without being winded - big problem. No drug for this. Well, there is, but nitroglycerin is a stopgap, at best.

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The Angina Monologue: a heartfelt saga

Recently diagnosed with coronary heart disease. As I go through the process of treatment and recovery, I'll post updates - assuming they renew my "heartistic license."

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Free Geezer.

Time passes...

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Can't wait for the rain.      

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