No Idea So Bad That It Can’t Have a Second Chance

Voters roundly approved the Rainier over-/under-(whatever)pass and it's still years away. Voters roundly rejected Measure K and now it's back as Measure U. I can understand why so many rational folks have given up on the electoral process. Unfortunately, that leaves the field open for the irrational folks to control the outcome of elections. Zombie witch doctor Bryant Moynihan, who loves to pander to the irrational fringe, has revived a measure thought dead just two years ago. It's purpose was to to "roll back" water and sewer rates just far enough to bankrupt Petaluma. Now, it's called Measure U and despite a fresh coat of undertakers makeup it's just as a foul. Don't be fooled. I would never call Mr Moynihan a liar. His numbers do it for me.

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Councilwoman Renée’s Pithy Connection to Reality

Councilwoman Renée referred to her comments about the international threat to Petaluma posed by a decommissioned WW2 gunboat as "pithy," and averred that they were made in reaction to a request she deemed irresponsible in light of the City's financial distress. Well, okay. Since the definition of "pithy" is: brief, forceful, and meaningful in expression; full of vigor, substance, or meaning, I guess we can surmise from her comment that Ms Renée is substantially, vigorously and meaningfully ignorant of both international relations and economic opportunities. At present, North Korea is a direct military threat to only South Korea. And since the gunboat is currently financially self-sustaining at it's Mare Island berth, one can only assume that it would pose little drain on River City's treasury and might even bring in some needed tourist dollars.

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Huey Short Speaks

I attended the Candidates Forum last night and was awed by a spectacular display of populist demogogery worthy of the great Huey Long. This candidate laid claim to every good deed and positive action that has occurred in our fair city since before he was born. A repeat winner of the Janice Cader Thompson Award for repeatedly stonewalling development, he nonetheless claims be solely responsible an economic revival in P-town, the benefits of which (he promises) WILL come. A vote for this individual is evidence that the particular voter... A) has amnesia, B) lacks the basic cognitive skills required to participate in electoral politics, C) would really prefer to live in Venezuela.

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Wild Antics at the Wildlife Museum

Having worked with quite a few non-profit organizations in my (other) checkered career as a marketing consultant, it's my opinion that all non-profits are dysfunctional. In some cases it's ditsy board members, or the director who's supposed to make bricks without straw, or the unqualified, minimum-wage staffers forced to wear multiple hats and doing jobs for which they have no experience. Add to that the frequent occurrences of directors caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Amazingly, few of these thieves are prosecuted as they would be in a for-profit business, which I think strongly supports my opinion about non-profits.

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Hail, Hail, The Gang’s All Here

Well, race fans, it's a crowded field for the upteenth running of the biannual Petaluma Freakness. Got to love the free-for-all nature of participatory democracy.

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Petaluma’s Crowded River

I looked at the cover of the Argus this morning and realized that the Mayor's race is getting to be as crowded as our beloved river. Though, I hasten to add, there is no credible evidence that other municipalities are dumping their excess, or discarded, mayoral candidates in this fall's race.

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Road Rash

Word has it that after the city raised some of the speed limits without regard to the condition of the affected roads, the organizers of the Baja 500 - a celebrated off-road endurance race that has been known to destroy the most durable of vehicles - have contacted city officials about the possibility of staging the the Petaluma 100: 10 laps around the city with the winning driver taking home the prize - a new spine.

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Something Smells in Petaluma

Well, the anti-growth city council majority is setting a dangerous precedent by inciting frivolous, nuisance litigation against the Regency Center (apparently to appease it's NIMBY base), while at the same time pretending to support growth to replenish the empty city coffers and, the mind boggles, takes credit for bringing the Regency Center to town. Anyone who really believes the Hon. Mr. Glass when he takes a bow for the Regency Center needs adult supervision, or is off their meds.

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The Local Political Game Is Rigged

At the Sonoma-Marin Fair this week the games of chance that line the midway are good, honest, wholesome fun. Not so the games played at the City Council. Sleight-of-hand, misrepresentation, and misdirection are the hallmarks of a Council majority ever-determined to achieve their so-called Progressive agenda by any means available.

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Revenues Will Come

So spaketh the oracle of Petaluma. It would appear that positive thinking is the new substitute for prudent action among the City Council majority and the would-be next mayor, David (through the looking-) Glass. Now that the citizens and public employees have risen in collective revolt at the ruined city tax base and the empty city coffers, the presumptive leader of the no-growth majority now takes credit for moving the Target center forward. Next, I imagine, he'll take credit for tomorrow's sunrise and the bi-monthly tidal surge in our slough.

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