Rohnert Park Casino Non-Referendum

Don't hold your breath waiting for the County Supes to get off their duffs and do anything about the pending casino in Rohnert Park. After all the Supes don't have to drive the streets that will become clogged with casino traffic, and they don't live in the neighborhoods what will [...]

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Petaluma 2058 Time Capsule

I strongly doubt that I will be around for the disinterring of the time capsule some 50 years hence, but I'm sure Petaluma will be very much alive. I'm also sure that our beloved town will be about as different then from now, as it is today from 50 years [...]

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Congratulations to Rick Pillsbury

Kudos to Rick Pillsbury for a quarter-century leading students to academic excellence at Casa Grande High School, and for helping make it as cool at Casa for students to be smart as it is to be athletic, attractive and socially gifted. Good luck as well to your successor. He or [...]

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Save the Bees

The temptation to make a "buzz" -related joke is almost overwhelming, but I'll restrain myself. Even though it means that my often barbed commentary will lack its usual sting. Treating honey bees as pests instead of agricultural assets is yet another sign that our cherished City is changing. Since "change" [...]

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Petaluma Tar Pits

Pity the visionary who arrives in Petaluma who hopes to create some new resource that would benefit our quaint, retro-centric town. For no matter whether it's rescuing an historic fire trap from the wrecking ball, building an asphalt plant with aims to help pave the pot hole capital of the [...]

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East Washington Desert

Well the anti-big-box NIMBY's are certainly on "target." Five years after a Chamber-sponsored study discovered that millions of dollars in potential tax revenues for Petaluma were going into the city coffers of Rohnert Park, Cotati, Santa Rosa and Novato, the East Washington development is still stalled. The contingent that wants [...]

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Miss Petaluma Re-Landscapes Her Yard

If you ask the State, who measures the water in Menocino's Lake Pillsbury to determine Sonoma County's water resources, everything is just peachy. But if you go to Lake Mendocino - where our water actually comes from - we're still in trouble. Why the discrepancy? Chalk it up to outdated [...]

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Miss Petaluma Prays for Pork

The much touted Stimulus Plan is fast becoming the largest Pork roll since FDR's WPA dotted the country with new bridges, parks and post offices. Though the WPA employed nearly 8 million workers between 1935 and 1943, the program did little positive effect on the national unemployment levels which hovered [...]

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The Tool from Plains

Jimmy Carter is at it again, hectoring the Israeli's about their faults while blithely condoning the outrageous behavior of Israel's bellicose neighbors - especially the Palestinians. Carter is living proof that Nobel Prize for Peace is as accurate an indication of merit as is an Academy Award for Best Director, [...]

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Seeing Red

As the recent stabbing over gang-related colors shows, Petaluma is no longer the oasis of rational peace in a sea of chaos that many wish it were. As the recession-driven cuts in public safety services hit our city, wanton, irrational acts of violence may well get increase. Whatever happens, it's [...]

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