Pacific Rim Delivers the Goods

At root, Pacific Rim is the Transformers Meet Godzilla. Though, saying that does Guillermo Del Toro's majestic SciFy creation serious injustice. Neither the makers of the countless Godzilla sequels nor Michael Bay ever concocted as many human moments as Bill of the Bulls manages to conjure up. The characters are [...]

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A Bridge Too Close

The pilot for the FX TV show, The Bridge, aired last Wednesday. Based on the Danish/Swedish TV series of the same name, the story line follows two police detectives – one Mexican (Demián Bichir as Det. Marco Ruiz) and one American (Diane Kruger as Det. Sonya Cross) – and their [...]

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Johnny Comes Home

Despite all the news, noise and arm-waving, America is (once again) doing a piss-poor job caring for those who volunteered to put themselves in harm's way so that the home folks wouldn't have to get their hair mussed. Though every time I turn around someone is starting some new "vets [...]

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Reasons to be Optimistic About the Future of River City

For the time being, it seems as if the Burghers of Petaluma are entertaining the possibility that a little growth isn't a bad thing.      

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We Could Do With Less Posturing and More Listening.

All the posturing about immigrants, immigration, immigration reform makes me ill. Like most of us, I'm descended from immigrants, in my case Norwegian, French-Canadian, Irish and God knows what else. I firmly believe that, since the Pilgrims landed, anyone with and get-up-and-go...got up and came this country to find work [...]

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A Definitive History of Federal Air Marshals

I've just read Clay Biles new book about the 50-year history of the Federal Air Marshal program. It's not only a labor of love by a (now) former Federal Air Marshal, it's an extremely well-documented history of in-flight security and a tribute to many, otherwise unsung, dedicated federal law enforcement [...]

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Young People Will Foot the Bill for Obamacare.

The Achilles heel of the "Affordable Health Care Act," (written in haste, read by none before it was passed into law, and destined to be litigated for the foreseeable future) is the provision that mandates that young people who don't need health insurance will buy it so that older people [...]

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Uncle Sam Is Holding for YOU.

Many of the more hilarious aspects of the current brouhaha over NSA's collecting the raw data on everyone calling everyone else to talk about everything are the shocked comments emanating from the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence regarding how "shocked, do you [...]

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The Summer Movies Have Finally Arrived!

I think Man of Steel got bum-rapped by the critics. I just saw it and was quite entertained, certainly more so than I was by the Star Trek sequel. M-O-S is a certified, summer popcorn blockbuster. Henry Cavill is a perfectly suitable Kal-EL. Amy Adams nails Lois Lane and I [...]

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Breaking News: Media Finally Outraged at Government.

Mainstream media (CNN, AP, NYT, Washington Post, etc.) is SHOCKED! Do you hear? SHOCKED!! to discover that Obama (the Magnificent) and his Merry Band of Miscreants are overreaching - well beyond their legal obligations and moral rights. Previous howls of pain from many other quarters of America went unheeded by [...]

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