Don’t Say You Weren’t Warned.

Unless you're a tort lawyer, banker or union executive you're probably worse off today than you were five years ago. This is worth remembering (say, next year) when you have the choice to vote for a candidate who promises you goodies paid for by other people.

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(Less) Power to the People.

Environmentalists are said to favor the creation of the "green" Sonoma County Power Agency. If the favor of those Utopian Fascists doesn't warn you off, then you must be eager for ObamaCare to kick in, drive up your  costs and reduce you access to services. Pretty much exactly what will [...]

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Obama Trifecta: Three Scandals at One Time.

The media has largely ignored the history of blatant overreach and outright prevarication from the Obama administration until its own ox was gored when the DOJ (another "independent" agency, big O?) tapped the Associated Press's phones without following proper procedures. Gee, isn't the avoidance of "proper procedures" akin to breaking [...]

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Obama is Shocked, do you hear SHOCKED that the IRS targeted the Tea Party.

What a hoot. Obama's Justice Department is going to investigate that notoriously "independent" agency, the IRS. Apparently, when Obama (the Magnificent) checked into the White House he didn't thoroughly read the owner's manual. Had he done so, he might have noticed the IRS is a division of the Department of [...]

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Not Otherwise Occupied

Though the faux Hotel Petaluma controversy has pretty much faded from the daily discourse, the example set by those chronically outraged by nearly everything, but who apparently can make no greater contribution to the common weal than to "occupy" somebody else's space, lumbers on.

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Right to Surveillance?

A particularly ironic oxymoron of the ever-growing Progressive Entitlement-topia is the demand for cradle-to-grave provision and the desire for selective anonymity.

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God Bless the Cops!

Last week - along with about 25 other involved citizens - I completed the 10-week Citizen's Academy course offered by the Petaluma Police Department. It was informative, fascinating and occasionally disturbing as when the instructors would tell the class about emerging trends in criminal behavior or the recent State of [...]

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Trauma: Healing the Hidden Epidemic

I've never viewed my blog as a marketing tool, except for perhaps advancing ideas, but I feel that the subject of trauma - especially Post Trauma Stress Disorder - is too important to ignore. I have personal experience with PTSD, both in growing up with a disabled WW2 vet and [...]

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Is Economic Growth Possible in Petaluma?

Historically, when the word "growth" has been uttered in the local cloisters of power, it's usually been coupled with other words such as "surgical removal," or "over our dead bodies." Lip service is given plenty to "increasing revenues," but given the progressive bias for regressive taxation, intrusive regulation and hectoring [...]

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Doomsayer In Chief

Clearly Obama the Magnificent paid close attention to his anarchist tutors when he was coming up in the Windy City. Or did you really think the ex-Weathermen who coached the young OTM had renounced their beliefs just because their hair got gray? The lesson being: If you can make things bad [...]

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