Score Another for the Anti-Growth Gang.

After seven years of wooing Petaluma, Lowes threw in the towel. I guess the additional and unnecessary EIR's required by the city in the hopes of forestalling the blackmail, I mean frivolous litigation, threatened by the anti-growth gang finally wore Lowes down. So, who do you think is publicly chortling that Lowe's departure gives us "time to rethink the project?" The same bunch who will obstruct the next iteration of the project, and the one after that. And in the process, these self-righteous bullies continue to cost the city sorely needed tax revenues, and the citizens jobs.

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Obama’s Budget Rule #1: Hose “the Rich.”

In the progressive-liberal mind, "the rich" includes anyone presently not on welfare. With the current plan to raise the debt ceiling, the jackasses are working overtime to add to the already bursting welfare rolls. Liberals, despite their own above-average incomes, don't think of themselves as "rich" because they "care" so much about humanity. Not that they care about actual people with messy issues. Liberals find generalities like "humanity" are so much easier and they sound more noble. BTW, the epithet "rich," is reserved for conservatives or independents with incomes comparable to liberals.

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Progressives Hail the Freedom NOT to Work

This was too good to pass up. Chris Van Hollen, the ranking Democrat on the House Budget Committee intoned a new freedom during the debate about ObamaCare. In response to the concern that - like all welfare programs - the new entitlements championed by the Democrats will lead to an increase in the jobless rate along with a vast increase in governement dependency, Van Hollen expressed his concern about, "the freedom to choose not to get a job."

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Petaluma’s Fiscal Shipwreck

Thanks the foot-dragging, log-rolling, perma-stall tactics so popular among local Progressives, and abetted by the City Mothers and Fathers, the long-awaited target store is not likely to open before fall 2012. The mayor's prediction that "Revenues will come," apparently didn't mean, "any time soon." I think it's safe to say that the proposed Deer Creek development will be held back by the same tactics. The result is that local folks will continue to drive north and south to spend their household budgets for food, clothes and other necessities...for the foreseeable future.

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Governor Brown Upends Petaluma

Word is that Governor Jerry wants to eliminate Municipal Redevelopment Agencies as part of his efforts to clean up California's fiscal disaster. I believe this is akin to shutting off the water while trying to put out a fire. Can this be anything but further evidence that most career politicians don't understand business, finance, or economics. I guess they have to learn the hard way. Though it seems that when politicians are learning, the lessons are hardest on us, and not them. Eventually, when The Great Recession is receding in our rear view mirror, I hope that we'll all be a little wiser, and just just a little older.

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An Idea Too Stupid To Go Away.

Sharp-eyed readers will recognize this as a recycled drawing, which I felt was fitting to comment on a recycled measure. Unlike fine wine, imported cheese and my sweet wife, this measure has not improved with age. It's as stupid and ill-conceived as it was when it was called K. If it passes be afraid. Be very afraid.

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No Idea So Bad That It Can’t Have a Second Chance

Voters roundly approved the Rainier over-/under-(whatever)pass and it's still years away. Voters roundly rejected Measure K and now it's back as Measure U. I can understand why so many rational folks have given up on the electoral process. Unfortunately, that leaves the field open for the irrational folks to control the outcome of elections. Zombie witch doctor Bryant Moynihan, who loves to pander to the irrational fringe, has revived a measure thought dead just two years ago. It's purpose was to to "roll back" water and sewer rates just far enough to bankrupt Petaluma. Now, it's called Measure U and despite a fresh coat of undertakers makeup it's just as a foul. Don't be fooled. I would never call Mr Moynihan a liar. His numbers do it for me.

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Something Smells in Petaluma

Well, the anti-growth city council majority is setting a dangerous precedent by inciting frivolous, nuisance litigation against the Regency Center (apparently to appease it's NIMBY base), while at the same time pretending to support growth to replenish the empty city coffers and, the mind boggles, takes credit for bringing the Regency Center to town. Anyone who really believes the Hon. Mr. Glass when he takes a bow for the Regency Center needs adult supervision, or is off their meds.

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The Results are In

A year ago we were told that, without the vast Stimulus package, unemployment might rise to the (gasp) unacceptable height of 8%. Well the package stimulated...unemployment, which is now at 9.5%. When it comes to the current administration's policies, doing nothing is actually preferable.

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Revenues Will Come

So spaketh the oracle of Petaluma. It would appear that positive thinking is the new substitute for prudent action among the City Council majority and the would-be next mayor, David (through the looking-) Glass. Now that the citizens and public employees have risen in collective revolt at the ruined city tax base and the empty city coffers, the presumptive leader of the no-growth majority now takes credit for moving the Target center forward. Next, I imagine, he'll take credit for tomorrow's sunrise and the bi-monthly tidal surge in our slough.

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