Hey, It’s All the Rage In Venezuela.

Given all the raucous crowing about "mandate" and blatantly smug grins from the left side of the aisle, as Obama-the-Magnificent puts the smack down on the Republicans, I wonder if folks have given any serious thought to the inevitable consequences of a one-party government. Wait, did I use the word [...]

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Potomac Polka

I've had a number of discussions recently about Presidential abuse of recess appointments. It seems that, no matter who occupies the Oval office, the members of the opposing team are outraged (OUTRAGED, DO YOU HEAR) at the perceived threat to our democracy, violation of the fundamental principal of the separation [...]

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Obama – the anti-war President

So this is how the President's Middle East Peace initiative goes. Obama treks over there, hat in hand, to apologize for America's chronic evilness. He backs away from supporting Israel. On the heels of the Iraq retreat (oops, "victory"), he declares that war is so 2011 (and it's all Bush's fault [...]

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Obama Ignores the Economy

Well folks, as the President begins his campaign for a second term, he knows that he'll need all the true believers, fellow-travelers, and Kool Aid drinkers he can round up to offset all of the independents he's pissed off once they realized that his "campaign for change" really meant a plan to socialize medical treatment, promote union interests, and transfer what wealth was left in the economy to unions and welfare recipients. Unfortunately, he has the typical "liberal" grasp of economics, such that he seems to have worked full-time to kill the engine that drives the US economy, whose taxes provide for all the social welfare treats beloved by his constituency.

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Obama’s Budget Rule #1: Hose “the Rich.”

In the progressive-liberal mind, "the rich" includes anyone presently not on welfare. With the current plan to raise the debt ceiling, the jackasses are working overtime to add to the already bursting welfare rolls. Liberals, despite their own above-average incomes, don't think of themselves as "rich" because they "care" so much about humanity. Not that they care about actual people with messy issues. Liberals find generalities like "humanity" are so much easier and they sound more noble. BTW, the epithet "rich," is reserved for conservatives or independents with incomes comparable to liberals.

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Obama, the Ditherer-in-Chief

Like pretty everyone else, I can only infer what's on my President's mind by his actions. Of late, I'm afraid the answer to that question is, "not much." In reaction to the turmoil in the Middle East the best that the Commander-in-Chief can muster is to punt to the habitual ditherers across the pond. Wait I take that back, at least in regard to the French who are sounding frankly bellicose about Libya. When America renounces leadership of the free world, it becomes less free.

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Obama Rules

News from the War on Truth, Honesty, and the American Way being conducted by the current President: the eight experts asked by the Obama administration to make recommendations regarding offshore drilling (in the wake of the BP disaster) just came out and complained that Obama apparatchiks inserted a ban on offshore drilling under their signatures in their report...even though they had explicitly recommended AGAINST such a ban as harmful to the Gulf state's economy. I think doctoring an official report may actually be a crime, though I doubt you'll hear much about it from the ever-worshipful media.

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