…and if you go out to celebrate in any of River City’s more notorious drinking establishments, keep your back to the wall and make sure that you have a clear path the door at all times. It’s been quite a year and I thank many of you for your support. For the rest of you here are some useful definitions and tips for the New Year: Demagogue: generally an orator or political leader. Last time I checked, I’m neither. Marxist (ism) is not an epithet – at least not as I use the term. So, if you’re offended when I describe local folks of the “progressive” ilk as Marxist, take the opportunity to compare their actions or pronouncements with some relevant historical examples. Male chauvinist: You’re entitled to dislike and/or disagree with me, but if you’re going to call me names, at least make them relevant to my actual behavior. And finally, look up the word “opinion.” We all have them and the First Amendment guarantees all of us (including me) the right to express them. For those of you who feel that only the opinions of “right-thinking” folk deserve expression, look up another word, Fascism.

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