Great Petaluma Water Heist

Why would someone steal water from a municipal fire hydrant? Makes about as much sense as standing in a field in front of a tractor in a futile attempt to halt legally mandated weed-mowing. In a town where the mayor has nothing better to do that bear witness to such Pyrrhic acts of political theater, I guess nothing should be considered strange.

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Boomer Gets A New Home

I was glad to learn that Boomer, the rescued black lab, is doing just fine with folks who treat him with care and love. His former owner - not so much. Perhaps the sap may learn the meaning of the phrase "treated like a dog."

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Deercreek Follies

This just in... A former Petaluma City Councilperson, a spouse, and an individual who strongly resembled hizzoner, the Mayor, visited the site of the future (hopefully) Deercreek Shopping Center. The Councilperson and spouse attempted to block the mowing of the grass for reasons that are not clear, while the third individual stood by on the sidelines. When told they were trespassing, all three parties departed without further incident and the mowing was resumed.

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Welcome to the Dinosaur Whisperer

A hearty welcome to Ingrid Alverde, Petaluma's new Economic Development Manager. Ingrid came to River City from Poway, where in a similar role she helped bring Costco, Home Depot and Kohls to that city. I hope she brought with her a thick skin, a carload of Pepto and pain killers, and a manual on how to tame the local dinosaurs who work overtime to keep Petaluma trapped in the Jurassic Age.

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Full-disclosure: this cartoon actually appeared in the Argus-Courier. Not all the cartoons that I post on my blog do. The A-C covers local issues, not national ones. So, any cartoon that I post that reflects an opinion about national issues is MY opinion and not that of the A-C, or the NY Times. The sharp-eyed among you out there will note that the cartoons which appeared in the A-C have a different URL in the black box in the lower right-hand corner of the drawing than do those which haven't appeared in the A-C. And for those who feel that I have no business expressing ideas contrary to theirs, please look up the words, "dialogue," and "democracy."

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BANANA Logic: Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone.

For those of you moved to compose a rebuttal, it may serve you to know that the cartoons that I draw, which appear in the Argus Courier, reflect both the wishes of the publisher and the editorial policy of the paper. Just wanted you to know who inspires and abets my villainy.

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Keystone Planning Commission

Perhaps the title should be Omission instead of Commission, given the propensity of some of the members to do almost anything but make productive contributions to the planning process. John and Chris have asked me to be "nice," so I won't tee off on the City Council, or share my thoughts as to why the Planning Commission is dysfunctional. Suffice it to say, look at how they were appointed. Oh, BTW - in response to those you who consider my Lowe's cartoon to be anti-Semitic, you should look up the definition of the word. The mention of Passover, Jews, or Hebrews is not - in and of itself - anti-Semitic. And there's nothing in my attached commentary that is anti-Semitic. On the contrary, I'm highly respectful of the Jewish tradition, have attended numerous Seders and, for several years, was married to a woman of the Jewish faith.

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Pipe Dreams

Wow. Here's an idea. Allow a pot dispensary in Petaluma so we can collect the sales tax. Let's see, the dispensary in Sebastopol brings in a whopping $50,000 a year in tax. Whereas, had the Target store been approved, oh, say 2 years ago, River City would have collected over $2,000,000 in sales tax revenues. I guess smoking dope does effect your cognitive functions. Or, perhaps, progressives simply prefer to ignore empirical data when advancing their pet causes.

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Petaluma: Where Animals Are More Important Than People.

You can't write fiction that funnier or stupider than what happens in real life. Witness the the wacko who complained that the proposed Chicken Plop Bingo event - designed to raise money for the PPS homeless shelter - was harmful to chickens. The event organizers, every wary of River Town's lunatic fringe, cancelled the event. The same individual blocked someone from building on her block by claiming that the project would harm local badgers. Anyone who objected was dubbed a, "Badger Hater." And, thus, the Great Paula Lane Badger Holocaust was averted. Alert the Nobel Committee.

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Pray for Lowes

The "Passover" saga is the latest in a long history of so-called progressive efforts to block progress of any kind. I mean no disrespect to Passover, a sacred day to Jews the world over that celebrates the Lord's sparing of the Hebrews as His angel slew the firstborn among the Egyptians who held them in bondage. Though it is ironic that the Holiday was used as yet another stalling tactic in the anti-growth faction's effort to hold all developments in bondage to their whims.

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