Forecast Is For (Political) Storms

Gee. We were so hopeful too. Then came Monday night's City Council Meeting and the attempt to shoehorn Jason Davies into the still-vacant seventh Council seat by claiming their proposed action to be an expression of the will of the people. How charming for the Progressive bloc to claim to channel the "will of the people." As usual, they are high on their own gas.

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Petaluma: City of Light

Hi All. After a mandatory "sabbatical," during which time I was cloistered in a monastery for cartoonists who've run afoul of local politics I'm back. A month-long diet of crow, punctuated by hourly flagellation with torn pieces of the First Amendment, has left me suitably chastened. Of course, since David Rabbit won, it was worth it. I have nothing to add to last week's cartoon. The city's infrastructure is indeed suffering thanks to the know-nothings on the City Council who - after all these years - are still unable to correlate the revenues from a robust business climate with running a city in the black.

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Zombie Ballot Measure

Now that the sewer rate rollback has been put to rest for the second, and hopefully last, time, the malcontents who hang around (and populate parts of) City Hall will need another goomswoggle to waste our time and eat up precious city resources. I'm speaking of course of the inevitable special election that we'll need to fill the seventh City Council seat, once the two diametrically-opposed camps of council members have exhausted their invective and our patience with the bickering over who best to fill the "swing" seat.

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Petaluma’s Crowded River

I looked at the cover of the Argus this morning and realized that the Mayor's race is getting to be as crowded as our beloved river. Though, I hasten to add, there is no credible evidence that other municipalities are dumping their excess, or discarded, mayoral candidates in this fall's race.

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Road Rash

Word has it that after the city raised some of the speed limits without regard to the condition of the affected roads, the organizers of the Baja 500 - a celebrated off-road endurance race that has been known to destroy the most durable of vehicles - have contacted city officials about the possibility of staging the the Petaluma 100: 10 laps around the city with the winning driver taking home the prize - a new spine.

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Anti-Growth City Council Majority Picks A Crony

They say that birds of a feather flock together. Not a bad metaphor for a town that grew rich raising chickens and where many local politicians specialize in chicken s--t behavior. Apparently the Progressive, e.g., anti-growth, City Council majority want to insure that their opinions are represented on the Planning Commission through the choice of a candidate whose sole qualification seems to be a history of protesting growth of any kind. I think they need to change the commission's name to Planning Hospice - where dreams go to die.

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The Local Political Game Is Rigged

At the Sonoma-Marin Fair this week the games of chance that line the midway are good, honest, wholesome fun. Not so the games played at the City Council. Sleight-of-hand, misrepresentation, and misdirection are the hallmarks of a Council majority ever-determined to achieve their so-called Progressive agenda by any means available.

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How Will Your Kids Spend the Summer?

Grandma used to say that the idle brain was the devil's playground. When the principle is applied to the two-month hiatus in the school year, even secular humanists can agree that kids left with nothing to do and no direction don't flourish. Fortunately, our fair city offers lots of productive diversions for Generation "Why?" When it comes to kids, dirty, sweaty and tired beats bored, fat and sullen any day.

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Miss Petaluma Thanks BE Days Sponsors

We love our parades. The Butter & Egg Days Parade, in particular, is a great way to pass along Petaluma's rural heritage to those (like me) who arrived long after River Town ceased being an agricultural hub. For those multi-generational families who's ancestors arrived to work the land, it's a way to remember the town where they grew up and where they raised children who went on to become doctors, lawyers and Internet gurus. Parades, after all, are a fixture of American small town life and Petaluma relishes being an American small town.

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