Gravity has gravity or, if you insist, gravitas.

Just saw Gravity. If you haven't already seen it, I strongly encourage you to see it 3D while it's still in theaters. It's visually amazing and emotionally powerful. Not only is it a well-written script brought to life by excellent acting, the film runs counter to the trends of movies [...]

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Disney-Pixar’s Planes Fails to Take Off.

If you merely listen to the soundtrack of Disney-Pixar’s Planes you could be forgiven for thinking that it was a bad parody of Cars. The jokes are lame and the puns are flat. The people behind this pallid sequel should get out of their echo chamber. That said, the movie [...]

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Soggy Cornetto

Just came home from watching Edgar Wright's The World's End. For those who don't know, this is the third of the so-called Cornetto Trilogy that began with Shaun of the Dead and continued with Hot Fuzz. One of the things that TWE has to recommend it is it's cast of [...]

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The Bridge, on FX, is a One of the Best Shows on TV.

The Bridge, which airs Wednesday nights on the FX Network, continues to get better with each new episode. My favorite character of all the excellent actors in the cast is Lieutenant Hank Wade portrayed with superb nuance by Ted Levine.

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Dystopian Future Frolick

Saw Elysium over the weekend. Neill Blomkamp, seasoned TV 3D animator and, of late, wowie-zowie SyFy director (District 9) clearly has a gift for imagining gizmos. Much of the film's gadgetry is extremely clever. Unfortunately, Blomkamp's grasp of politics, economics, and history is embedded in some sort primordial South African [...]

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This Summer’s Independence Day.

Just saw White House Down. I think it's Emmerich's best movie since Independence Day. If you want Mamet's dialogue or Soderbergh's style, look elsewhere. But if you want the best popcorn movie this summer, this is it.

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Two Guns. Genre Film with a Sense of Humor.

Two Guns, the buddy action movie starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg, is an excellent B movie. It's also a comedy-noir-caper film that's ultimately so nihilistic it could belong to the Robert Rodriguez Mariachi series. EVERYONE - save the heroes - is bent, which leaves the heroes no option except [...]

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The Wolverine Versus Ninjas – It’s About Time!

Saw The Kuzuri, AKA The Ronin Wolverine, today. My son calls it a great two-hour trailer for X-Men IV. It had several great set-piece battles - Logan versus about a thousand Yakuza, a duel atop a bullet-train speeding through Tokyo, Logan versus about a thousand Ninjas in the snow, lots [...]

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Pacific Rim Delivers the Goods

At root, Pacific Rim is the Transformers Meet Godzilla. Though, saying that does Guillermo Del Toro's majestic SciFy creation serious injustice. Neither the makers of the countless Godzilla sequels nor Michael Bay ever concocted as many human moments as Bill of the Bulls manages to conjure up. The characters are [...]

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The Summer Movies Have Finally Arrived!

I think Man of Steel got bum-rapped by the critics. I just saw it and was quite entertained, certainly more so than I was by the Star Trek sequel. M-O-S is a certified, summer popcorn blockbuster. Henry Cavill is a perfectly suitable Kal-EL. Amy Adams nails Lois Lane and I [...]

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