Right to Surveillance?

A particularly ironic oxymoron of the ever-growing Progressive Entitlement-topia is the demand for cradle-to-grave provision and the desire for selective anonymity.

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Don’t Call Hezbollah Terrorists!

The stammering from Brussels about the recent terror attack in Bulgaria is further proof that the Europeans haven't abandoned their double standard when it comes to the way they treat Israel and the way they coddle the Arab and/or Muslim countries, political groups and terrorist organizations that have beleaguered the [...]

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Al Qaeda is Dead. Obama Says So

Two of Obama-the-Magnificent's favorite phrases that must certainly be getting old to everybody but the Progressive Kool Aid drinkers are, "Al Qaeda is dead" and "We don't have a spending problem." As they say, history will be the judge. I fear the damage that OTM's self-talk will cause while we're [...]

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Obama – the anti-war President

So this is how the President's Middle East Peace initiative goes. Obama treks over there, hat in hand, to apologize for America's chronic evilness. He backs away from supporting Israel. On the heels of the Iraq retreat (oops, "victory"), he declares that war is so 2011 (and it's all Bush's fault [...]

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Quran Burning Prompts Murder, Again

Moral Relativism has been all the rage in intellectual salons and liberal parlors since Communists re-branded themselves as "progressives" way back in the '50's. A famous example of Moral Relativism was Susan Sontag's blaming America for the World Trade Center attacks. In the minds of moral-relativists, there is no good or bad - only choices, the morality of which is up to the individual. So, when an idiot preacher in Florida burns a copy of Quran and a mob in Afghanistan, in reply, slaughters and beheads un-armed UN workers including women, moral relativists tut, "Well, what can you expect." Moral Relativism is one of those ideas of which George Orwell said. ..."is so stupid that only an intellectual could believe it."

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America Follows the French

My how the worm turns. Two years ago, American Liberals, long chagrined by Gallic contempt for American presidents, exulted in electing someone who they believed that the French would admire. Nothing makes the New York Times set happier than Parisian approval. Scroll two years ahead and, Sacre Bleu, the French, who tired of Obama's fiddling while Gadhafi's minions slaughter everyone they can, lead Europe and America into exactly the sort of international activism that our President despises. I'm just guessing but I don't think the French hold Obama in such high regard.

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Councilwoman Renée’s Pithy Connection to Reality

Councilwoman Renée referred to her comments about the international threat to Petaluma posed by a decommissioned WW2 gunboat as "pithy," and averred that they were made in reaction to a request she deemed irresponsible in light of the City's financial distress. Well, okay. Since the definition of "pithy" is: brief, forceful, and meaningful in expression; full of vigor, substance, or meaning, I guess we can surmise from her comment that Ms Renée is substantially, vigorously and meaningfully ignorant of both international relations and economic opportunities. At present, North Korea is a direct military threat to only South Korea. And since the gunboat is currently financially self-sustaining at it's Mare Island berth, one can only assume that it would pose little drain on River City's treasury and might even bring in some needed tourist dollars.

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Deja Vu

The peace-loving government of Iran has acquired a new toy with which they can forcefully advance their love of peace. Anyone who doubts that this rocket is designed to send a nuclear bomb (that they say they are not building) over to Israel is probably sending money to a Nigerian diplomat that he met online, believes their was second shooter in Dallas and that the current administration in Washington is doing all they can to support America's small businesses.

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Carbon Emissions in the War on Terror

In the annals of twitdom, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (Democrat, Arizona) must rank near the top for her question to General Petraeus about how he was planning to reduce carbon emissions in the War on Terror. This politician is a poster child for term limits, and another sterling example of an elected representative attempting to capitalize on the issue de jour of her (apparently) head-in-the-sand constituency without bothering to think. Though in Giffords' defense, her constituents may not have elected her based on her cognitive powers. Sounds like our local politics.

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Ground Zero Mosque

Ah yes, how the powerful and addictive perfume of political correctness can convince otherwise intelligent folk to support causes antithetical to our well being and praise peoples who would just as soon see us dead. To wit, the politicians who defame and demean those who oppose the proposed mosque two blocks from Ground Zero. America was founded to provide religious tolerance, but I strongly suspect that the Founding Fathers had no intention of welcoming creeds that preach, "Death to the Infidel," especially when the "infidel" is us.

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