GOP Kisses 2014 Dreams Goodbye.

I have no idea what the Republican satraps really thought they could achieve with their latest gambit. In the end, all they proved is that Obama (the Magnificent) can judge a bluff when he sees one.

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Putin Swindles Obama (the Magnificent)…Again.

Yet again, Obama (the Magnificent) proves that he can't be trusted in the company of despots and dictators. Yet, the media will hail him as a peace-maker and, if he hadn't already received one Nobel Prize (presumably for being an African-American elected President since he hadn't done anything else), the [...]

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Obama Scolds America (Again) for Following His Lead.

America's media and the country's left (is there a difference?) is so self-infatuated that we elected an African-American to our highest office that they continue to ignore the on-going damage that his mandates are doing to the country. Despite all the early hosannas when the Affordable Care Act was announced, [...]

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Breaking News: Media Finally Outraged at Government.

Mainstream media (CNN, AP, NYT, Washington Post, etc.) is SHOCKED! Do you hear? SHOCKED!! to discover that Obama (the Magnificent) and his Merry Band of Miscreants are overreaching - well beyond their legal obligations and moral rights. Previous howls of pain from many other quarters of America went unheeded by [...]

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Don’t Say You Weren’t Warned.

Unless you're a tort lawyer, banker or union executive you're probably worse off today than you were five years ago. This is worth remembering (say, next year) when you have the choice to vote for a candidate who promises you goodies paid for by other people.

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Obama Trifecta: Three Scandals at One Time.

The media has largely ignored the history of blatant overreach and outright prevarication from the Obama administration until its own ox was gored when the DOJ (another "independent" agency, big O?) tapped the Associated Press's phones without following proper procedures. Gee, isn't the avoidance of "proper procedures" akin to breaking [...]

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Obama is Shocked, do you hear SHOCKED that the IRS targeted the Tea Party.

What a hoot. Obama's Justice Department is going to investigate that notoriously "independent" agency, the IRS. Apparently, when Obama (the Magnificent) checked into the White House he didn't thoroughly read the owner's manual. Had he done so, he might have noticed the IRS is a division of the Department of [...]

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Doomsayer In Chief

Clearly Obama the Magnificent paid close attention to his anarchist tutors when he was coming up in the Windy City. Or did you really think the ex-Weathermen who coached the young OTM had renounced their beliefs just because their hair got gray? The lesson being: If you can make things bad [...]

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Obama Continues to Undermine National Defense.

The attempt, possibly successful, to foist the grossly incompetent Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense is flat out disgraceful. Perhaps OTM needs someone to serve coffee during closed-door Cabinet meetings. If being a combat veteran is all it takes for a government post then Joe McCarthy was well qualified.  

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Al Qaeda is Dead. Obama Says So

Two of Obama-the-Magnificent's favorite phrases that must certainly be getting old to everybody but the Progressive Kool Aid drinkers are, "Al Qaeda is dead" and "We don't have a spending problem." As they say, history will be the judge. I fear the damage that OTM's self-talk will cause while we're [...]

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