2010-02-11 July 4th Hangfire
We all know the maxim, “Be careful what you ask for because you may get it.” Well, it looked as if the no-growth contingent in P-Town has achieved their goal. Growth of any kind was stalled or flat-out killed. Then the chickens (how appropriate) came home to roost. An economic downturn coupled with diminished City revenues has forced some difficult decisions. Cherished features of Petaluma have been trimmed or eliminated. Even core Civic services such as Police and Fire protection are threatened. I applaud Mr. Glass and Ms. Torliatt for finally succumbing to reality and supporting the Regency development. Maybe they saw that their beloved town is slowly dying or perhaps they realized that not every voter shares the same desire to preserve Petaluma in amber. It’s a biological fact that organisms either grow or die. Nature abhors stasis. To live is to grow and (dare I say it), to change.

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