Traffic circles… How European! How progressive! Unfortunately, the tireless tinkerers of America’s on-going experiment in practical democracy won’t stop with merely tweaking the flow of traffic. They want to import socialized medicine. Oh, pardon me, ObamaCare. They also want to implement other miscreant European concepts like the cradle-to-grave Welfare state that has resulted in unemployment among European youth that is over 40% in some countries. This – coupled with coddling law-breakers – led directly the recent unrest in England, France, Greece, Spain, etc. Let see… Oh yes, our progressive graybeards want to castrate the military. Not that we need be concerned that Muslim-sponsored terrorism is on the rise, or that China – the country that makes the world’s toys – now wants to make all of its weapons, too. It must be fun to be a progressive and spend the day staring at your navel.

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