So… Last time the turning basin was dredged was after the 2006 rains. However, the project NOT only dragged on for two years, it was NEVER completed, because some meddling bureaucrats complained that dumping the dredge spoils in the place SPECIFICALLY set aside FOR the dumping the Petaluma River dredge spoils, a.k.a, Shollenberger “Park”, might harm the pickle-weed which is the favorite food of the endangered salt marsh harvest mouse. Once again, concern for rodents trumps support for much-needed commerce. In case that’s unclear for the Progressives who skipped Economics (and in many cases simple math) for Protest 101, dredging means individuals and businesses can USE the river to bring BUSINESS to Petaluma merchants who are then TAXED to pay for things like parks, or rodent habitats.

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