Personally, I wouldn’t miss some of the pork, I mean “vital” programs, that could be pitched over the looming “fiscal cliff” into well-deserved oblivion. One of my favorite candidates is the zombie (e.g., ever-recurring despite guarantees that it will end when the technology reaches maturity) subsidy for wind power. The electricity provided by this dubious attempt at green energy costs nearly 100 times that produced by natural gas. And wind power is so unreliable that energy grids reliant on windmills must employ carbon-fuel backups lest they leave their customers in the cold and dark on “still” days. Such are the gifts of the self-deluded academics who flack for the Green Energy’s wealthy elite. Neither group cares about the devastating fiscal impact of such green energy boondoggles on everyday folks struggling to afford to heat their homes, buy gas so they can drive to work and pay for food to feed their kids.



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