America’s media and the country’s left (is there a difference?) is so self-infatuated that we elected an African-American to our highest office that they continue to ignore the on-going damage that his mandates are doing to the country. Despite all the early hosannas when the Affordable Care Act was announced, when people finally get a look at its consequences they run screaming. When businesses complained, Obama exempted Congress and broke his own law by delaying the implementation of mandatory insurance until after the 2014 elections. The latest example of liberal sleepwalkers awaking from their daze is Big Labor who now claims that the ACA will do grievous harm to the American Worker. Now that the specter of ballooning student debt looms on the horizon, Obama-the-Magnificent is railing against…colleges and universities. Sound familiar? The government promoted cheap home loans which created the housing bubble. Greedy bankers are still being vilified, but they just took advantage of the Fed’s stupidity. Fast forward and America’s educational institutions are doing the same.



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