Balancing Act

To hear the so-called progressive faction tell it, their opposition on the board are a homogeneous group of shills for developers. Well, I know all three and I see a lot of difference between them, their experience with, and their goals for Petaluma. If there's any predictability among board members it's with the gang of three and their perpetual, unrepentant anti-business agenda. Oh yes, I can hear the voices. "The council approved Regency. See! They're not anti-business." Yah, yah...after (what) seven years of log rolling, stalling, repeated reports, and a fraudulent lawsuit. That's some record. So given their intransigence, I'm guessing the only candidate they'll consider for the seventh seat is a dyed-in-the wool NIMBY.

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Happy New Year…

...and if you go out to celebrate in any of River City's more notorious drinking establishments, keep your back to the wall and make sure that you have a clear path the door at all times. It's been quite a year and I thank many of you for your support. For the rest of you here are some useful definitions and tips for the New Year: Demagogue: generally an orator or political leader. Last time I checked, I'm neither. Marxist (ism) is not an epithet - at least not as I use the term. So, if you're offended when I describe local folks of the "progressive" ilk as Marxist, take the opportunity to compare their actions or pronouncements with some relevant historical examples. Male chauvinist: You're entitled to dislike and/or disagree with me, but if you're going to call me names, at least make them relevant to my actual behavior. And finally, look up the word "opinion." We all have them and the First Amendment guarantees all of us (including me) the right to express them. For those of you who feel that only the opinions of "right-thinking" folk deserve expression, look up another word, Fascism.

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Blessings and Hope for the New Year

I think the drawing says it. All I have to add is wish for peace and prosperity for my secular, humanist, progressive friends. And for my Christian friends, Merry Christmas. May the Lord bless you and keep all of you.

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Petaluma: City of Light

Hi All. After a mandatory "sabbatical," during which time I was cloistered in a monastery for cartoonists who've run afoul of local politics I'm back. A month-long diet of crow, punctuated by hourly flagellation with torn pieces of the First Amendment, has left me suitably chastened. Of course, since David Rabbit won, it was worth it. I have nothing to add to last week's cartoon. The city's infrastructure is indeed suffering thanks to the know-nothings on the City Council who - after all these years - are still unable to correlate the revenues from a robust business climate with running a city in the black.

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Zombie Ballot Measure

Now that the sewer rate rollback has been put to rest for the second, and hopefully last, time, the malcontents who hang around (and populate parts of) City Hall will need another goomswoggle to waste our time and eat up precious city resources. I'm speaking of course of the inevitable special election that we'll need to fill the seventh City Council seat, once the two diametrically-opposed camps of council members have exhausted their invective and our patience with the bickering over who best to fill the "swing" seat.

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For Pete’s Sake, Don’t Let the Music Die!

To paraphrase John Lennon, "All we are saying is give Pete a chance." The intersection of Western and Petaluma Boulevard won't be the same without the Honkytonk stylings of John Maher, aka Petaluma Pete, and his bright red upright piano. People, take to the streets. Erect barricades, Storm the halls of power. Let you voice be heard. Oh, that's right. I forgot. This is Petaluma. Such clamors of outrage are saved for protesting proposed asphalt plants situated next to a river dredging spoils site (acres of fish poop) at the outskirts of town.

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Petaluma: Where No Bad Idea Goes Untried – Repeatedly

Well kids, the Road Diet that not only failed to energize commerce but further clogged traffic west of Washington Blvd will now be inflicted on the downtown merchants. Our council majority must not have heard about all of the centrally-planned disasters (all done by the way in the name of achieving progressive, Utopian goals) that crippled the Soviet and Chinese economies and are now causing Venezuela to circle the drain. Or maybe they did, we're now learning that "progressive" really is synonymous with "anti-business."

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No Idea So Bad That It Can’t Have a Second Chance

Voters roundly approved the Rainier over-/under-(whatever)pass and it's still years away. Voters roundly rejected Measure K and now it's back as Measure U. I can understand why so many rational folks have given up on the electoral process. Unfortunately, that leaves the field open for the irrational folks to control the outcome of elections. Zombie witch doctor Bryant Moynihan, who loves to pander to the irrational fringe, has revived a measure thought dead just two years ago. It's purpose was to to "roll back" water and sewer rates just far enough to bankrupt Petaluma. Now, it's called Measure U and despite a fresh coat of undertakers makeup it's just as a foul. Don't be fooled. I would never call Mr Moynihan a liar. His numbers do it for me.

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Huey Short Speaks

I attended the Candidates Forum last night and was awed by a spectacular display of populist demogogery worthy of the great Huey Long. This candidate laid claim to every good deed and positive action that has occurred in our fair city since before he was born. A repeat winner of the Janice Cader Thompson Award for repeatedly stonewalling development, he nonetheless claims be solely responsible an economic revival in P-town, the benefits of which (he promises) WILL come. A vote for this individual is evidence that the particular voter... A) has amnesia, B) lacks the basic cognitive skills required to participate in electoral politics, C) would really prefer to live in Venezuela.

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A Poetic Little Town

Tomorrow is the Petaluma Poetry Walk. Whether you skip in iambic or wander in free verse get your couplets downtown and share the day with your fellow language lovers. English is a magical and wondrous tool with which to express oneself. Revel in it.

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