Keep Washington Out of Our Beer!

Well, we dodged that bullet.

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Listen, Share, Heal at the Resilience Cafe’.

The Bernstein Institute for Integrative Therapy and Trauma Treatment, in partnership with Aqus Community and Sonoma Coast Trauma Treatment, announces the Resilience Café, a public forum for the discussion and healing of trauma.  The event is meant for veterans and civilians alike and will be held at Aqus Café at [...]

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Give Some Comfort to a Homeless Veteran This Christmas

Chris Oakes, senior pro at Petaluma Valley Athletic Club, is collected items for "Christmas Stockings" to distribute to local homeless vets. If you can help with funds, blankets, or other "camping" gear suitable for the coming cold nights, you can e-mail Chris at strokesbyoakes@sbcglobal.net.

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GOP Kisses 2014 Dreams Goodbye.

I have no idea what the Republican satraps really thought they could achieve with their latest gambit. In the end, all they proved is that Obama (the Magnificent) can judge a bluff when he sees one.

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Gravity has gravity or, if you insist, gravitas.

Just saw Gravity. If you haven't already seen it, I strongly encourage you to see it 3D while it's still in theaters. It's visually amazing and emotionally powerful. Not only is it a well-written script brought to life by excellent acting, the film runs counter to the trends of movies [...]

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Petaluma: No Leadership Required.

Gee it's tough being a Petaluma City Councilperson, so many activists to placate, constituents to coddle and issues to straddle. And of course, in this climate of diminished revenues (let's not trouble ourselves as to why revenues are diminished), all city departments have to share the pain equally. No favorites. [...]

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Rainier Connector Again in the News.

Thanks to an approval for an Environmental Impact Report (EIR), the widely desired (by 72% of Petalumans) and rabidly opposed (by nimby's, "progressives," and the rest of the anti-everything minority) Rainier connector - between the east and west sides of river city - is once again in the news. Don't [...]

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Petaluma Police Add Volunteers to Its Roster

The Petaluma Police Department held a bar-b-que yesterday where they presented awards to some deserving officers and employees, and recognized the department's first group of citizen volunteers #PPDVolunteers. The group will donate a couple of days each month to shouldering select administrative tasks in order to free up Petaluma's Finest to better [...]

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Putin Swindles Obama (the Magnificent)…Again.

Yet again, Obama (the Magnificent) proves that he can't be trusted in the company of despots and dictators. Yet, the media will hail him as a peace-maker and, if he hadn't already received one Nobel Prize (presumably for being an African-American elected President since he hadn't done anything else), the [...]

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Disney-Pixar’s Planes Fails to Take Off.

If you merely listen to the soundtrack of Disney-Pixar’s Planes you could be forgiven for thinking that it was a bad parody of Cars. The jokes are lame and the puns are flat. The people behind this pallid sequel should get out of their echo chamber. That said, the movie [...]

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