Soggy Cornetto

Just came home from watching Edgar Wright's The World's End. For those who don't know, this is the third of the so-called Cornetto Trilogy that began with Shaun of the Dead and continued with Hot Fuzz. One of the things that TWE has to recommend it is it's cast of [...]

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The Bridge, on FX, is a One of the Best Shows on TV.

The Bridge, which airs Wednesday nights on the FX Network, continues to get better with each new episode. My favorite character of all the excellent actors in the cast is Lieutenant Hank Wade portrayed with superb nuance by Ted Levine.

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Obama Scolds America (Again) for Following His Lead.

America's media and the country's left (is there a difference?) is so self-infatuated that we elected an African-American to our highest office that they continue to ignore the on-going damage that his mandates are doing to the country. Despite all the early hosannas when the Affordable Care Act was announced, [...]

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Dystopian Future Frolick

Saw Elysium over the weekend. Neill Blomkamp, seasoned TV 3D animator and, of late, wowie-zowie SyFy director (District 9) clearly has a gift for imagining gizmos. Much of the film's gadgetry is extremely clever. Unfortunately, Blomkamp's grasp of politics, economics, and history is embedded in some sort primordial South African [...]

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Video “Selfie” Too Dumb to Ignore

I posted a critique of the insipid video "selfie," Blurred Vines awhile back, as a comment on the impoverished content that passes for creativity in some quarters. I took it down because I'd run out of steam trying to convince people that this sort of self-infatuated blather actually does a company [...]

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This Summer’s Independence Day.

Just saw White House Down. I think it's Emmerich's best movie since Independence Day. If you want Mamet's dialogue or Soderbergh's style, look elsewhere. But if you want the best popcorn movie this summer, this is it.

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Two Guns. Genre Film with a Sense of Humor.

Two Guns, the buddy action movie starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg, is an excellent B movie. It's also a comedy-noir-caper film that's ultimately so nihilistic it could belong to the Robert Rodriguez Mariachi series. EVERYONE - save the heroes - is bent, which leaves the heroes no option except [...]

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Cock-a-doodle BREW!

Petaluma River Craft Beer Festival Saturday, September 14 1:00pm at the Historic Petaluma Downtown Riverfront. Craft beer tasting, live music, food and wine on the historic riverfront in downtown Petaluma. More than 14 select regional craft breweries including 6 from Petaluma. Prosit! Salut! Bottoms up! Oh, in case I forgot to [...]

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Dr. Bernstein at Copperfield’s Book this Saturday!

Dr. Peter Bernstein will be at Copperfield's Books, 140 Kentucky Street in Petaluma, this  Saturday, August 3rd from 1:30 to 3:30 PM. He  will be signing copies of his new book, Trauma: Healing the Hidden Epidemic, at Copperfield’s  Please drop by he would love to meet you and personally autograph your copy.

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The Wolverine Versus Ninjas – It’s About Time!

Saw The Kuzuri, AKA The Ronin Wolverine, today. My son calls it a great two-hour trailer for X-Men IV. It had several great set-piece battles - Logan versus about a thousand Yakuza, a duel atop a bullet-train speeding through Tokyo, Logan versus about a thousand Ninjas in the snow, lots [...]

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