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Rainier Ruckus

The local consensus is that cross-town traffic has never been worse. The once-popular belief (held, at least, in the more progressive corners of river city) that foot-dragging on road-expansion would somehow preserve the local charm has fallen from favor. Perhaps perennially clogged roads and 30-minute cross-town commutes were considered charming to such folks. Of late, pretenders to the local political seats of power have taken up the call for the Rainier crossing – once envisioned as an overpass, then an… Read More »

City Council Faces a Taxing Problem

River City is no different than anyplace else: nobody wants new taxes, but everybody wants more services. In some quarters more government is the answer, nay, the holy grail. Unfortunately, government doesn’t generate wealth – especially not with a “Smart” (e.g., limited or no) growth agenda. All government can do is tax what business it allows, and re-distribute the revenue in the form of services, which I grant government does very well. However, if you want your government do more… Read More »