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The Art of Pickling Fermentation and Other Food Alchemy

Alan Campbell and me on the set of the first episode of Spoiled to Perfection. In a past life – a few years after the era depicted in Mad Men –  I was an ad agency creative and made a whole bunch of TV commercials. Recently, I returned to form in the role of Producer / Director of a new web TV show Spoiled to Perfection which see, and read about, on the website http://spoiledtoperfection.com/ and the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/spoiledtoperfection. Spoiled to… Read More »

Rustad Marketing (Dot COM) Reboot

My first website (www.rustadmarketing.com) kicked off in 2003, when I returned to being an independent brand-marketing consultant after a four year partnership with a Santa Rosa ad agency. Since then, it has remained untouched except for periodic updates to my various portfolios over the years. In an effort to both understand and exploit Google’s dominance in Internet searches (84% in 2004), I also wrote a blog titled Marketing Wisdom that featured anecdotes and life lessons gleaned from day-to-day encounters. Today,… Read More »

Rainier Ruckus

The local consensus is that cross-town traffic has never been worse. The once-popular belief (held, at least, in the more progressive corners of river city) that foot-dragging on road-expansion would somehow preserve the local charm has fallen from favor. Perhaps perennially clogged roads and 30-minute cross-town commutes were considered charming to such folks. Of late, pretenders to the local political seats of power have taken up the call for the Rainier crossing – once envisioned as an overpass, then an… Read More »

City Council Faces a Taxing Problem

River City is no different than anyplace else: nobody wants new taxes, but everybody wants more services. In some quarters more government is the answer, nay, the holy grail. Unfortunately, government doesn’t generate wealth – especially not with a “Smart” (e.g., limited or no) growth agenda. All government can do is tax what business it allows, and re-distribute the revenue in the form of services, which I grant government does very well. However, if you want your government do more… Read More »