The Art of Pickling Fermentation and Other Food Alchemy

Alan Campbell and me on the set of the first episode of Spoiled to Perfection. In a past life - a few years after the era depicted in Mad Men -  I was an ad agency creative and made a whole bunch of TV commercials. Recently, I returned to form [...]

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Free Geezer.

Time passes...

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Can't wait for the rain.      

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Listen, Share, Heal at the Resilience Cafe’.

The Bernstein Institute for Integrative Therapy and Trauma Treatment, in partnership with Aqus Community and Sonoma Coast Trauma Treatment, announces the Resilience Café, a public forum for the discussion and healing of trauma.  The event is meant for veterans and civilians alike and will be held at Aqus Café at [...]

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God Bless the Cops!

Last week - along with about 25 other involved citizens - I completed the 10-week Citizen's Academy course offered by the Petaluma Police Department. It was informative, fascinating and occasionally disturbing as when the instructors would tell the class about emerging trends in criminal behavior or the recent State of [...]

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Trauma: Healing the Hidden Epidemic

I've never viewed my blog as a marketing tool, except for perhaps advancing ideas, but I feel that the subject of trauma - especially Post Trauma Stress Disorder - is too important to ignore. I have personal experience with PTSD, both in growing up with a disabled WW2 vet and [...]

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Is Economic Growth Possible in Petaluma?

Historically, when the word "growth" has been uttered in the local cloisters of power, it's usually been coupled with other words such as "surgical removal," or "over our dead bodies." Lip service is given plenty to "increasing revenues," but given the progressive bias for regressive taxation, intrusive regulation and hectoring [...]

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Zombie Pork

With all the angst over the so-called "fiscal cliff," attention is drawn away from a recurrent drain on the Federal Treasury, which ranges from Federal meddling in the marketplace to legislator's pet projects that benefit few at a cost to many, that does far more damage to the national economy.

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400 Cartoons, More or Less.

Thursday’s drawing will be my last regular cartoon for the Argus-Courier. Eight years, and some 400 cartoons later, I’m ready to step aside, hopefully to make room for some new talent. Since 2004, when John Burns asked me to contribute to the paper, I’ve been delighted to make a small [...]

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Obama – the anti-war President

So this is how the President's Middle East Peace initiative goes. Obama treks over there, hat in hand, to apologize for America's chronic evilness. He backs away from supporting Israel. On the heels of the Iraq retreat (oops, "victory"), he declares that war is so 2011 (and it's all Bush's fault [...]

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