Obama – the anti-war President

So this is how the President's Middle East Peace initiative goes. Obama treks over there, hat in hand, to apologize for America's chronic evilness. He backs away from supporting Israel. On the heels of the Iraq retreat (oops, "victory"), he declares that war is so 2011 (and it's all Bush's fault [...]

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Petaluma Adobe State Park

Petaluma's an historic city, but the Adobe may be our last remaining truly historical site that has been preserved to study and enjoy. Given all of the local progressives who seem to passionately worship Petaluma's past over the present, surely some can tear themselves away from blocking anything new to to save something old.

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Governor Brown Upends Petaluma

Word is that Governor Jerry wants to eliminate Municipal Redevelopment Agencies as part of his efforts to clean up California's fiscal disaster. I believe this is akin to shutting off the water while trying to put out a fire. Can this be anything but further evidence that most career politicians don't understand business, finance, or economics. I guess they have to learn the hard way. Though it seems that when politicians are learning, the lessons are hardest on us, and not them. Eventually, when The Great Recession is receding in our rear view mirror, I hope that we'll all be a little wiser, and just just a little older.

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Sacramento Grab

What's to say? The partisan dimwits in Sacramento won't mend their profligate ways even after they've milked the state of every possible source of funds. Why should they? It's the wave of the future. Take Greece. They acted in much the same way and when the couscous hit the fan, they went crawling to the Germans, who are now leading the bailout. Think California is "too big to fail?"

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Trig or Treed

2009-10-29 Trig or Treed You know, the Bible tells us that the sins of the father will dog his offspring down to the seventh generation. My dad didn't vote but I do, so I bear responsibility - as does anyone who voted to elect anyone in State Government - for the dysfunction that reigns supreme in Sacramento. This is one case were the self-adoring Progressives and the self-righteous conservatives can stop their mutual finger pointing and embrace each other as brothers (and sisters) in fiscal suicide. Blame the Governator if you like, but God help us if we elect anyone with less fiscal resolve or who is in the SEIU's pocket - like so many of our County pols.

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California Legislative Follies

2009-07-23-legislative-follies Sacramento no longer giveth but they still taketh away. If you think the poltroons in Sacramento are disconnected from our local needs, just wait until the pols in D.C. start rationing our health care.

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