Rainier Ruckus

The local consensus is that cross-town traffic has never been worse. The once-popular belief (held, at least, in the more progressive corners of river city) that foot-dragging on road-expansion would somehow preserve the local charm has fallen from favor. Perhaps perennially clogged roads and 30-minute cross-town commutes were considered charming [...]

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Happy Deja Vu Year!

Some say one definition of insanity is to expect different results from unchanged behavior. If that be true, Petaluma is one crazy town. Fun to watch, to be sure, but crazy none the less.

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Petaluma: No Leadership Required.

Gee it's tough being a Petaluma City Councilperson, so many activists to placate, constituents to coddle and issues to straddle. And of course, in this climate of diminished revenues (let's not trouble ourselves as to why revenues are diminished), all city departments have to share the pain equally. No favorites. [...]

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Video “Selfie” Too Dumb to Ignore

I posted a critique of the insipid video "selfie," Blurred Vines awhile back, as a comment on the impoverished content that passes for creativity in some quarters. I took it down because I'd run out of steam trying to convince people that this sort of self-infatuated blather actually does a company [...]

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(Less) Power to the People.

Environmentalists are said to favor the creation of the "green" Sonoma County Power Agency. If the favor of those Utopian Fascists doesn't warn you off, then you must be eager for ObamaCare to kick in, drive up your  costs and reduce you access to services. Pretty much exactly what will [...]

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Not Otherwise Occupied

Though the faux Hotel Petaluma controversy has pretty much faded from the daily discourse, the example set by those chronically outraged by nearly everything, but who apparently can make no greater contribution to the common weal than to "occupy" somebody else's space, lumbers on.

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Sign of Perpetual Discord

Petaluma rejoices in the antics of its own, locally-grown, Three (Progressive) Stooges. This trio of lovable loons continually entertains a gullible constituency with fiscally insolvent fantasies of no-growth, anti-big-box, impossible-to-sustain, fair trade, living wage Utopianism.

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In Petaluma, It’s Easy to Get the Straight Poop

When the issue of the Keller street garage's plague of flying rats (aka, the dove of peace, squab, pigeons) resurfaced, hizzoner was contacted to comment. Giving da mayah any kind of public forum invites the world to view the most prominent symptom of our fair burg's dysfunction. Suffice it to say that his [...]

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Feral Gangs

Were the situation in this cartoon to become the case, I'm pretty sure that PETA would provide the perps with free legal support. The liberal media would resound with editorials blaming Republicans for that lack of opportunities for adolescent mammals. And the Occupy movement would redefine the 99% to include [...]

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Petaluma Idol

Were it televised, the process of hiring a consultant to lure would-be police chief candidates to our dysfunctional burg would qualify as reality T.V., at the very least. At worst, it would be some kind of prank show, e.g., Petaluma Punks Police Chiefs. Perhaps Ashton Kutcher or Howie Mandel could [...]

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