Rescue Old Adobe School District

I was a school board member for more than ten years, so I appreciate the struggles faced by California's schools, large and small. Since between 80% and 90% of any school's budget goes to teacher salaries and benefits, discussions about school-funding always influenced by opinions (pro and con) about teacher's [...]

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Petaluma’s High Schools

Sonoma County's schizophrenic attitude to weed, for that matter America's "getaway closer" approach to drugs, has consequences. Most of them bad. And don't give me that tired bushwah about medicinal marijuana. It's just another excuse for smoking dope. Arsenic has medicinal uses too, but the average Joe shouldn't take it [...]

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Four Point OMG

Kids are a joy, they're frustrating, they're awesome, and they're aggravating. All that said, I believe that raising a child to the point where he or she can leave home and lead an independent life is the most important work that most of us, including me, will ever do. If you're a parent and you disagree, then God help your kids.

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Wild Antics at the Wildlife Museum

Having worked with quite a few non-profit organizations in my (other) checkered career as a marketing consultant, it's my opinion that all non-profits are dysfunctional. In some cases it's ditsy board members, or the director who's supposed to make bricks without straw, or the unqualified, minimum-wage staffers forced to wear multiple hats and doing jobs for which they have no experience. Add to that the frequent occurrences of directors caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Amazingly, few of these thieves are prosecuted as they would be in a for-profit business, which I think strongly supports my opinion about non-profits.

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Old Adobe Budget Cuts

2010-03-18 Old Adobe Budget Cuts Small, community-focused schools are a much-valued aspect of Sonoma County, but the declining numbers of school-aged children - especially in the K-6 grades - and state budget shenanigans are forcing many local school districts to make hard choices. My heart goes out to both the parents and the trustees of the Old Adobe School District.

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