Obama Ignores the Economy

Well folks, as the President begins his campaign for a second term, he knows that he'll need all the true believers, fellow-travelers, and Kool Aid drinkers he can round up to offset all of the independents he's pissed off once they realized that his "campaign for change" really meant a plan to socialize medical treatment, promote union interests, and transfer what wealth was left in the economy to unions and welfare recipients. Unfortunately, he has the typical "liberal" grasp of economics, such that he seems to have worked full-time to kill the engine that drives the US economy, whose taxes provide for all the social welfare treats beloved by his constituency.

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Obama’s Budget Rule #1: Hose “the Rich.”

In the progressive-liberal mind, "the rich" includes anyone presently not on welfare. With the current plan to raise the debt ceiling, the jackasses are working overtime to add to the already bursting welfare rolls. Liberals, despite their own above-average incomes, don't think of themselves as "rich" because they "care" so much about humanity. Not that they care about actual people with messy issues. Liberals find generalities like "humanity" are so much easier and they sound more noble. BTW, the epithet "rich," is reserved for conservatives or independents with incomes comparable to liberals.

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Overloaded Economy Breaks Down

From his latest budget proposal, it's apparent that Obama-the-Magnificent didn't pay attention in high school Econ. His "cut backs" amount to an "air haircut." Those of you old enough to remember barbers, will recall how they would repeatedly snap their scissors trimming microscopic ends from your hair. Well, that's how the Spender-In-Chief has pared his package of fiscal woe to our future generations.

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Government Fat Cats

Woe to all who trust their future to elected officials who exempt themselves from the rules they set for their constinuents. Think about that, all you fans of ObamaCare.

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Deja Vu

The peace-loving government of Iran has acquired a new toy with which they can forcefully advance their love of peace. Anyone who doubts that this rocket is designed to send a nuclear bomb (that they say they are not building) over to Israel is probably sending money to a Nigerian diplomat that he met online, believes their was second shooter in Dallas and that the current administration in Washington is doing all they can to support America's small businesses.

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High Definition Body Scanning

Pre-flight Screening I read an article yesterday that discussed the latest pre-flight body scanning technology soon to be in use in our airports. According to the writer, as least one scanner manufacturer claims that his machine can detect items hidden in body cavities. I'm certainly no expert but I'm guessing that such a machine emits a fair amount of radiation. And given recent research indicating that the cancer-risk stemming from radiation has long been underestimated, perhaps the airlines ought to be giving out radiation dosimeters badges along with the boarding passes.

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Homeland Insecurity

Homeland Insecurity After Umar Farouk Abdul Mitallab was aprehended mid-flight attempting to set off his underwear, Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano was quoted as saying, "the system works." It must be her digestive system she's referring to because it takes guts to spin such a lame cliche in the face of a total air security melt-down.

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