Political Round-About

We've reached another year marked by the sense that we're stuck in a rut. We can blame politicians, people with different political or religious beliefs, or Wall Street, but in truth we must heed the words of that timeless sage, Pogo, who famously said, "I have met the enemy and [...]

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School Funding Crisis

I just resigned from the Cinnabar School board after more than 12 years as a trustee. No, not from frustration - though there was plenty of that courtesy of the narrow-minded, self-serving, boneheads in Sacramento. The reason was that Colleen and I moved to Cotati and, as a result, I no longer reside in the district - a requirement for trusteeship. I grew up in Los Angeles during the salad days of California, when the Golden State lead the country in education, productivity and imagination. Today, thanks to decades of ever-increasing state-employee entitlements, a ferocious anti-business mindset, and pie-in-the-faith in liberal fantasies, California still leads the country...in population exodus, business relocations, and crushing debt. People get so exercised about the encroachment of Hispanic influence on our culture, when the real threat to California is that it's turning into Greece.

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Circus Maximus

Traffic circles... How European! How progressive! Unfortunately, the tireless tinkerers of America's on-going experiment in practical democracy won't stop with merely tweaking the flow of traffic. They want to import socialized medicine. Oh, pardon me, ObamaCare. They also want to implement other miscreant European concepts like the cradle-to-grave Welfare state that has resulted in unemployment among European youth that is over 40% in some countries. This - coupled with coddling law-breakers - led directly the recent unrest in England, France, Greece, Spain, etc. Let see... Oh yes, our progressive graybeards want to castrate the military. Not that we need be concerned that Muslim-sponsored terrorism is on the rise, or that China - the country that makes the world's toys - now wants to make all of its weapons, too. It must be fun to be a progressive and spend the day staring at your navel.

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Obama’s Budget Rule #1: Hose “the Rich.”

In the progressive-liberal mind, "the rich" includes anyone presently not on welfare. With the current plan to raise the debt ceiling, the jackasses are working overtime to add to the already bursting welfare rolls. Liberals, despite their own above-average incomes, don't think of themselves as "rich" because they "care" so much about humanity. Not that they care about actual people with messy issues. Liberals find generalities like "humanity" are so much easier and they sound more noble. BTW, the epithet "rich," is reserved for conservatives or independents with incomes comparable to liberals.

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Chicken Little Was Right

The consequences of the PETA-inspired Prop 2 will soon come crashing down on local poultry farmers. Prepare yourselves for a egg to cost as much as a latte. This is what happens when the oh-so-well-intentioned people in government who do no actual work for a living conspire to tell those who actually do work, how to do their jobs.

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