Reasons to be Optimistic About the Future of River City

For the time being, it seems as if the Burghers of Petaluma are entertaining the possibility that a little growth isn't a bad thing.      

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God Bless the Cops!

Last week - along with about 25 other involved citizens - I completed the 10-week Citizen's Academy course offered by the Petaluma Police Department. It was informative, fascinating and occasionally disturbing as when the instructors would tell the class about emerging trends in criminal behavior or the recent State of [...]

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Petaluma’s Finest Are Truly the Finest!

I did a ride-along in a Petaluma Police cruiser last night. Watched as Petaluma's finest dealt with a smorgasbord of stupid people tricks, bad judgement and very poor choices in a manner that was not just professional, but amazingly patient and (when appropriate) very kind. I'm very proud of our [...]

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Petaluma Pitches In to Help Little League

Some jerks stole gear from a local Little League. Fortunately a bunch of local folk stepped up to the plate (sorry) and pitched in (okay, I'm not sorry) to replace the stolen equipment.

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Petaluma Cares

In the spirit of thankfulness, let's praise the kind souls who work, and sometimes even sacrifice, to meet the needs of others. Whether they do so year-round or as just they perceive the need, may God bless them as they bless those they serve.

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Boomer Gets A New Home

I was glad to learn that Boomer, the rescued black lab, is doing just fine with folks who treat him with care and love. His former owner - not so much. Perhaps the sap may learn the meaning of the phrase "treated like a dog."

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Full-disclosure: this cartoon actually appeared in the Argus-Courier. Not all the cartoons that I post on my blog do. The A-C covers local issues, not national ones. So, any cartoon that I post that reflects an opinion about national issues is MY opinion and not that of the A-C, or the NY Times. The sharp-eyed among you out there will note that the cartoons which appeared in the A-C have a different URL in the black box in the lower right-hand corner of the drawing than do those which haven't appeared in the A-C. And for those who feel that I have no business expressing ideas contrary to theirs, please look up the words, "dialogue," and "democracy."

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Sam and Ella Visit Petaluma

Salmonella is another good reason to buy local food. At least if you get sick you can go throw up on their doorstep. Seriously, I believe that the closer one is to the source of the food, the healthier the food is likely to be. Or at least, the least adulterated, mishandled or misrepresented. I only wish that farmer's markets were more frequent, and that local farmers were better compensated for their investment in sweat and cash. You can thank our nanny-state progressives for the restrictive laws and regulations that have made local small (e.g., non-agribusiness) farming increasingly a rich man's hobby.

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Local Hero – Chris Oakes

I've known Chris Oakes for 15 years. To me, he embodies patience, humility, gentleness and a genuine compassion for people - all necessary qualities in a teacher, a tennis pro and a first rate human being. Chris hangs out his racquet at the Petaluma Valley Athletic club. I'm proud to call him my friend.

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Independence Day Clean Up

"And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that our flag was still there." Fireworks scare the cats, can start fires, and in the wrong hands can cost the user some fingers. They may all become illegal some day. Which is fine as long has people see them only as a frivolity. But banning them would be to ignore their historical significance. After all, we set them off - at least in part - to commemorate the words penned by Francis Scott Key as he watched the Battle of Fort McHenry from a prison ship, and to recapture the joy he felt as the flash from each explosion momentarily illuminated our tattered but undefeated flag. As a young man I served that flag and the country it stands for as so many young men and women did before me and so many have done since. The fireworks are for us, too.

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