I think Man of Steel got bum-rapped by the critics. I just saw it and was quite entertained, certainly more so than I was by the Star Trek sequel. M-O-S is a certified, summer popcorn blockbuster. Henry Cavill is a perfectly suitable Kal-EL. Amy Adams nails Lois Lane and I loved Lawrence Fishburne as Perry White. There’s probably ten-too-many minutes of CGI destruction of Manhattan, especially since the sight of skyscrapers tumbling into clouds of dust can’t help but evoke painful memories of 9-11. But, all in all, I walked out of the movie feeling that I had been captured by a well-told story of heroism, danger, excitement and vivid images leavened with some snippets of genuine human feelings. Not a bad way to spend seven bucks – I’m a senior, after all.

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