Reasons to be Optimistic About the Future of River City

For the time being, it seems as if the Burghers of Petaluma are entertaining the possibility that a little growth isn't a bad thing.      

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(Less) Power to the People.

Environmentalists are said to favor the creation of the "green" Sonoma County Power Agency. If the favor of those Utopian Fascists doesn't warn you off, then you must be eager for ObamaCare to kick in, drive up your  costs and reduce you access to services. Pretty much exactly what will [...]

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God Bless the Cops!

Last week - along with about 25 other involved citizens - I completed the 10-week Citizen's Academy course offered by the Petaluma Police Department. It was informative, fascinating and occasionally disturbing as when the instructors would tell the class about emerging trends in criminal behavior or the recent State of [...]

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Is Economic Growth Possible in Petaluma?

Historically, when the word "growth" has been uttered in the local cloisters of power, it's usually been coupled with other words such as "surgical removal," or "over our dead bodies." Lip service is given plenty to "increasing revenues," but given the progressive bias for regressive taxation, intrusive regulation and hectoring [...]

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It’s a New Year…

...and another chance to fix what was ignored last year.    

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A Crazy Ballot

Woo-hoo. We're heading into election season. Be afraid...very afraid!  California is experimenting with an open primary and there are clients for every taste...as long as you're not looking for an experienced, pragmatic, fiscally-savvy, business-friendly realist. Oh, wait, that's right, this is California. What was I thinking?

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Rescue Old Adobe School District

I was a school board member for more than ten years, so I appreciate the struggles faced by California's schools, large and small. Since between 80% and 90% of any school's budget goes to teacher salaries and benefits, discussions about school-funding always influenced by opinions (pro and con) about teacher's [...]

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Sign of Perpetual Discord

Petaluma rejoices in the antics of its own, locally-grown, Three (Progressive) Stooges. This trio of lovable loons continually entertains a gullible constituency with fiscally insolvent fantasies of no-growth, anti-big-box, impossible-to-sustain, fair trade, living wage Utopianism.

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In Petaluma, It’s Easy to Get the Straight Poop

When the issue of the Keller street garage's plague of flying rats (aka, the dove of peace, squab, pigeons) resurfaced, hizzoner was contacted to comment. Giving da mayah any kind of public forum invites the world to view the most prominent symptom of our fair burg's dysfunction. Suffice it to say that his [...]

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Feral Gangs

Were the situation in this cartoon to become the case, I'm pretty sure that PETA would provide the perps with free legal support. The liberal media would resound with editorials blaming Republicans for that lack of opportunities for adolescent mammals. And the Occupy movement would redefine the 99% to include [...]

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