Petaluma Pitches In to Help Little League

Some jerks stole gear from a local Little League. Fortunately a bunch of local folk stepped up to the plate (sorry) and pitched in (okay, I'm not sorry) to replace the stolen equipment.

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Petaluma Idol

Were it televised, the process of hiring a consultant to lure would-be police chief candidates to our dysfunctional burg would qualify as reality T.V., at the very least. At worst, it would be some kind of prank show, e.g., Petaluma Punks Police Chiefs. Perhaps Ashton Kutcher or Howie Mandel could [...]

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Petaluma’s Undaunted Underpass-ion

The underlying philosophy behind the foot dragging and / or outright objection to building the Rainier crossing and, for that matter expanding 101, was something like "if we expand the existing roads or build new ones, civilization will overwhelm our precious utopia." Translation: "It's mine. You can't have any." Fast-forward: [...]

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Petaluma’s High Schools

Sonoma County's schizophrenic attitude to weed, for that matter America's "getaway closer" approach to drugs, has consequences. Most of them bad. And don't give me that tired bushwah about medicinal marijuana. It's just another excuse for smoking dope. Arsenic has medicinal uses too, but the average Joe shouldn't take it [...]

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Petaluma is on Life Support

Petaluma's coffers are so empty that the City has no money to maintain the ambulances. Yet, the City does have money to perpetuate the lawsuit against the proposed Asphalt plant because the location of said plant is on the other side of the Petaluma river from a river-dredge-spoils dumping site. [...]

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Petaluma OutSMARTed.

Welcome to yet another bureaucracy unanswerable to the people it purports to serve. Remember this, all of you who invited this white elephant into your garden.

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Quixotic Road Repair

Sonoma County is considered by those who classify such things as a "rural county," so no one should be surprised that the roads are rough. Considering that most of our roads are paved - some regularly - we should count our blessings. I, for one, would gladly drive bad roads [...]

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Catastrophes Abound

This is a different version of this week's cartoon than what appeared in the paper. John felt that I was belittling the hysteria about Global Warming, and he was right. Since he's the boss about what appears in print, I gladly revised the design. This being my blog, however... The [...]

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Dredging Up the Truth

So... Last time the turning basin was dredged was after the 2006 rains. However, the project NOT only dragged on for two years, it was NEVER completed, because some meddling bureaucrats complained that dumping the dredge spoils in the place SPECIFICALLY set aside FOR the dumping the Petaluma River dredge [...]

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Political Round-About

We've reached another year marked by the sense that we're stuck in a rut. We can blame politicians, people with different political or religious beliefs, or Wall Street, but in truth we must heed the words of that timeless sage, Pogo, who famously said, "I have met the enemy and [...]

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