Quran Burning Prompts Murder, Again

Moral Relativism has been all the rage in intellectual salons and liberal parlors since Communists re-branded themselves as "progressives" way back in the '50's. A famous example of Moral Relativism was Susan Sontag's blaming America for the World Trade Center attacks. In the minds of moral-relativists, there is no good or bad - only choices, the morality of which is up to the individual. So, when an idiot preacher in Florida burns a copy of Quran and a mob in Afghanistan, in reply, slaughters and beheads un-armed UN workers including women, moral relativists tut, "Well, what can you expect." Moral Relativism is one of those ideas of which George Orwell said. ..."is so stupid that only an intellectual could believe it."

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California Public Employee Unions New Tool

Judging from his initial efforts to trim California's historically bloated budget, the California employee union's have a useful new tool in the governor the helped elect. It's a fair bet that he'll huff and puff and try to cut everything but the one, major thing that's breaking the Golden State's bank - public employee union pensions and entitlements. After all, last time he was governor he approved their efforts to organize with the consequence that public employees no longer serve the citizens of our fair state. Today, it's the other way around.

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Lady Liberty 2010

I don't believe that the fundamental problem with immigration is that folks are sneaking across our porous borders simply to milk our lavish welfare. It's our lavish welfare in the first place. Long before we paid people not to work, or mothers to have kids out of wedlock, the wretched refuse teemed at our borders to escape poverty or penury back home. Back then it wasn't the nanny state that attracted those with "get up and go" to get up and come, it was the opportunity to make a new life. And I believe that's as true today. Of course, as the nanny state gradually squelches our entrepreneurial spirit in order to make the electorate beholden to Nanny, and in the process kills opportunities, new arrivals may have little choice but to sign up for the dole.

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Councilwoman Renée’s Pithy Connection to Reality

Councilwoman Renée referred to her comments about the international threat to Petaluma posed by a decommissioned WW2 gunboat as "pithy," and averred that they were made in reaction to a request she deemed irresponsible in light of the City's financial distress. Well, okay. Since the definition of "pithy" is: brief, forceful, and meaningful in expression; full of vigor, substance, or meaning, I guess we can surmise from her comment that Ms Renée is substantially, vigorously and meaningfully ignorant of both international relations and economic opportunities. At present, North Korea is a direct military threat to only South Korea. And since the gunboat is currently financially self-sustaining at it's Mare Island berth, one can only assume that it would pose little drain on River City's treasury and might even bring in some needed tourist dollars.

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Wild Antics at the Wildlife Museum

Having worked with quite a few non-profit organizations in my (other) checkered career as a marketing consultant, it's my opinion that all non-profits are dysfunctional. In some cases it's ditsy board members, or the director who's supposed to make bricks without straw, or the unqualified, minimum-wage staffers forced to wear multiple hats and doing jobs for which they have no experience. Add to that the frequent occurrences of directors caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Amazingly, few of these thieves are prosecuted as they would be in a for-profit business, which I think strongly supports my opinion about non-profits.

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Highway 101 Needs A Stent In It’s Petaluma Region

I wonder if those vascular wizards up north could devise a stent to unclog the arterial blockage on 101 between Novato and Rohnert Park.

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How Will Your Kids Spend the Summer?

Grandma used to say that the idle brain was the devil's playground. When the principle is applied to the two-month hiatus in the school year, even secular humanists can agree that kids left with nothing to do and no direction don't flourish. Fortunately, our fair city offers lots of productive diversions for Generation "Why?" When it comes to kids, dirty, sweaty and tired beats bored, fat and sullen any day.

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Fight Night

I hear people all the time complaining that politics has gotten so messy. They must not read much history. American politics has always been a blood sport. Welcome to Democracy in action. America's first reality show. Pass the pop corn.

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Saab Story

Saab story Government Motors (aka GM), announces the planned shutdown of the Saab brand, once beloved by college professors and others seeking a politically correct car. Most of whom are now driving a Prius.

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No Water for Petaluma

2009-08-13 County Water Czar Alas, Miss Petaluma is once again at the mercy of her antipathetic neighbors up in Santa Rosa. I guess they'll never forgive her for siding with the North in the Civil War. Or for having an attractive downtown, renovated Theater Square, or pleasing river views.

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