Supervised Teen Drinking Is As Dumb As It Sounds

Supervised Teen Drinking Is an Oxymoron for Morons I believe that parents who host parties where alcohol is served to their teenage children and their children's friends are morons. I call them morons because they actually think they're benefiting their kid's welfare. The parents who serve alcohol to their kids and don't care about their kid's health and well-being are criminals. Anyone who wishes to dispute this should check out an authorative Website devoted to a mature and balanced discussion of the Supervised Teen Drinking phenomenon - www.iamamoron.fool

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Petaluma Sees the Economic Dominos Fall

It's been a while since I added a new post. As you can see they haven't gotten around to putting the header or the title above the blog. Maybe, they were waiting to see if I could handle the jump from the old blogger software to the new. Well, you [...]

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Dutra Senate Hearing

You know the phrase, "Harder than herding cats?" Well, in Petaluma nothing gets the local feline pack moving in unison faster than news of a proposed development. Too bad some of that ferocious, feral energy can't be channeled from outraged protest at just about any change in the status quo, [...]

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Petaluma’s No Growth Wonderland

OMG - looks like I forgot to post a cartoon I did back in April celebrating our fair City's bizarre (Byzantine, Baroque, bonkers...) method of confronting (read: thwarting) proposals to build anything larger than a mailbox within the City limits. Anyone who hazards to approach the gatekeepers of Petaluma's virtue [...]

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Petaluma Alternative Summer School

You know...I really shouldn't rag on our City Council so much for their mismanagement of Petaluma's finances and planning. After all, look at zany antics of our state's political buffoons just 90 miles to the east. Thanks the astute efforts of California's legislators, the states' bonds are valued somewhere near [...]

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Petaluma Is Closed for Business

Looks like our home-grown, no-growth movement is getting their wish. They've helped create a climate that is hostile to new business, the lack of which has substantially reduced City revenue, which leads the City to cut back on services to developers...and now even to visitors. Pretty soon, the Keep Petaluma [...]

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Petaluma Street Rod

Once again, the City of Petaluma salutes the film, American Graffiti, with gusto, passion and...if you dare to expose your chopped, channeled and hand-rubbed baby to our rugged streets...industrial-strength springs and extra heavy-duty shocks. Petaluma's roads are more suited to off-road endurance vehicles than hot rods with a 6-inch road [...]

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Greetings from Petaluma

Always lots to see and do in our fair town. The other day I was downtown shooting some reference photos of Petaluma's landmarks when a hirsute, hygienically-challenged youth approached me and demanded for money as compensation for my having taken his picture. Since he wasn't made of aged brick, nor [...]

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Let’s Outsource More Than Just Our Pools

The current financial crisis is forcing our beloved city to confront a number of challenges like the management of public facilities such as the pool. To some, outsourcing the pool operations looks like the perfect solution. To this I say why stop at just the public pool? They are already [...]

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Petaluma Pot Hole Fight

Who knew that KFC stood for Kolonel Fixes Cities? Or that PETA was an acronym for Patching Egregiously Tortured Asphalt? Now that the flap over KFC's offer to patch Petaluma's proliferating pot holes has fizzled out, I wonder what the marketing brains behind that scheme had hoped to gain by [...]

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