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I’m Glad It’s Over

Partisan bickering, cheap shots, rank propaganda, rampant wishful thinking...the recent Presidential election was local politics on a national scale. I'm delighted that Obama won, not because I think he's the better man - no one knows who he really is - but because I'm pretty sure that he's not the [...]

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Really Scary Costumes

Thanks to the prevailing sense of dread permeating our media that is associated with all things financial , this Halloween is more than usually spooky. Of course the real "trick or treat" day comes next Tuesday. I shutter to think of the repercussions whichever candidate takes the prize. Either way [...]

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Skittle Parties

I'll freely admit that before Chris asked me to do this cartoon I'd not heard of "Skittle Parties." I asked Colleen if she had heard of them, and she said no. Nor had our three kids - currently at the JC, in high school and Junior High. Since children, whether [...]

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Rooster Buy-Outs

Thanks to the budget crunch, our City is losing some senior civil servants. They leave with not just years of service behind them, but with a wealth of knowledge and experience that will be sorely missed. I'm guessing not of all them wanted to retire at this exact moment in [...]

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Petaluma’s Public Servants Are Still On the Job

In a town the size of ours, everyone knows someone who's effected by the City's lay-offs. Me too. Not much for me to say but that I've always appreciated the folks on the City payroll who protect us, fight our fires, care for the injured, house the poor and elderly, [...]

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Stores Interrupted

So I propose that we rechristen the city "Victorian Petaluma" and ban all evidence of scientific or commercial progress. In our historically-accurate recreation of the past women will no longer vote, people of color will be relegated to second-class roles, 40% of new-borns won't live to see their first year, [...]

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Fiscal Folly

It's amazing to me how a town like Petaluma that prides itself on being oh so Progressive can nurture such nostalgia for the past. Political gadfly and notorious loose-cannon Bryant Moynihan has definitely tapped into this yearning for things that never were with his Measure K to roll back sewer [...]

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Planning Department

There's nothing funny about folks losing their jobs. By and large I think the men and women who work for the City of Petaluma are a hardworking dedicated lot and I'm sorry that the elected officials charged with steering our little Dinghy of State can't see the forest of the [...]

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Marriage Proposition

I know what the Bible says about marriage and I believe the Bible to be God's word. I also know that the two greatest commandments are to love God before all else, and next to love one's fellow man (and woman) as much as you do yourself. And for good [...]

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Paper Bear

Comrade Putin's shameless bullying of some of Russia's weak former vassal states has resurrected a whole slew of Kremlin apologists, European limpwrists and homegrown apparatchiks, not to forget Joe Biden, who - prior to the Kremlin's caving in under the weight of their crushingly inept bureaucracy and discredited philosophy - [...]

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